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Watch your manners!

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If you think food is just about eating – think again!
Food culture is not only what people eat, but also how they eat. Parents all over the world consider table manners to be important, so they tell their children to eat correctly. However, when you travel around the world, you find that table manners are different in different places.
In some countries you must eat with a knife and fork. To use your hands is not polite. However, in India and in many African and Arab countries it is normal to use your hands (although usually only the right hand). Chopsticks are used in many Asian countries.
In most parts of the world, plates and bowls should remain on the table and food is lifted to the mouth. However, in Asia rice bowls are lifted to the mouth.
Some cultures consider it impolite to make a noise when eating. However, in China and Japan it is acceptable to make a noise when you suck in soup. In China it is also acceptable to burp when eating (to make a noise when air comes up from your stomach through your mouth).
In most countries it is good to finish all the food you are given to show you like it. However, if you empty your plate in China, you will be given more food! There you should leave some food on your plate. This shows you have had enough to eat.

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